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A high-performance NTDS interface for PCI express

NTDS for a new generation of PCIe bus servers and workstations

The NTDS Interface PCIe NTDS Parallel card connects computers with PCI Express (PCIe) slots to military computers and peripherals with MIL-STD-1397C Type A, B, C or H interfaces. The NTDS Interface PCIe is compatible with x1, x2, x4, x8 or x16 PCIe slots, allowing it to be used in the widest range of servers and workstations. NTDS cable connections are backward compatible with IXI’s NTDS Interface PCI board, allowing an easy upgrade to the PCIe version without the need to change cabling. IXI’s NTDS Interface is easy to program and offers a variety of input and output modes to support any NTDS protocol. Hardware-independent input and output channels allow the NTDS Interface to perform simultaneous input and output (full duplex) operations. NTDS type is software-selectable allowing quick reconfiguration without the use of hardware jumpers or switch settings. NTDS Interface boards can be used for passive tap applications as well as normal NTDS I/O. An on-board time stamp generator tags individual input words with 125 ns resolution. Time stamping is software-selectable and can be used with active or passive communications. All boards in the NTDS Interface family are softwarecompatible making it easy to mix parallel and serial NTDS boards in the same system as well as allowing transparent migration of applications between PCIe, PCI, PMC, cPCI, and PC/104-Plus versions of the NTDS Interface. Device driver software is available for the most commonly-used operating systems. For maintenance and reliability, PCI NTDS Parallel Interface boards feature short-circuit protection to prevent failures due to improper cabling or NTDS type mismatches. An internal loop-back path allows the NTDS Interface to be tested without disconnecting cables. The NTDS Interface can be updated in the field by reconfiguring its Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic to add features or compensate for non-compliant interfaces. Using FPGA technology reduces component obsolescence, enabling the NTDS Interface to be deployed and supported for years to come.

Product Overview

• MIL-STD-1397C Type A, B, C, and H compliant
• Full-duplex 8-, 16- or 32-bit NTDS transfers
• Interrupt, PIO, and DMA operation
• Independent NTDS input and output channels
• Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology
• Separate word counters and time-outs for EI/EF words and data words on inputs and outputs
• Short-circuit protected, tri-state drivers
• Internal loopback test without disconnecting NTDS cables
• Software enabled time stamp on input words with 125ns resolution
• Time stamps can be synchronized across multiple interfaces
• Supports receipt of multiple Forced EFs
• Software compatible with NTDS Interface Parallel PCI, cPCI, and PMC boards

General Product Features

Input Mode Features

• Separate or combined data and command word buffers
• Input command words, stop on data word
• Input data words, stop on command word
• Passive tap mode

Output Mode Feature

• Concurrent data and command buffer operation

Time-out Mode Features

• Time-out values in 10μs or 1ms increments
• Time-out between words and/or total transfer times
• Start time-out at beginning of operation or upon transfer of the first word

Software Drivers Available*

• Choice of driver included with board purchase:
-Windows®, VxWorks®, Solaris™, Linux®, LynxOS®, HP-UX, FreeBSD
*Contact factory for new OS support

NTDS Connector Compatibility

• Connector compatible with NTDS Interface PCI Parallel NTDS board

NTDS Interface PCIe NTDS Parallel Technical Specs

NTDS Interface

MIL-STD-1397C Parallel
Types A, B, C or H

PCIe Bus Interface

PCI Express Base Specification,
Revision 1.0a

Input Buffer

64K x 32-bit FIFO

NTDS I/O Connectors

Rear Bezel: 112 Pin Receptacle (Berg
Top Edge: Dual 80 pin high density
ribbon cable headers

Form Factor

Standard height, half length PCIe
4.20” X 6.6” (106.7mm X 167.65mm)


6.3 oz., 7.0 oz. with top edge connectors

Power Consumption

Average power consumption: 4.956W
Average +3.3V current draw: 0.92A
Average +12V current draw: 0.16A


Operating: 0°C to +56°C
Storage: -41°C to +71°C


MIL-STD-810F, method 516.4,
procedure VI (bench handling)


Random: 20-200Hz/0.01 g²/Hz Sine
Peak: 5-28Hz/1g

Relative Humidity

0% to 95% (non-condensing)


Operating: 15,000 ft.
Storage: 26,250 ft.


>140,000 hours calculated per
MIL-HDBK-217F @ 30 degrees C,
ground benign

Standard or low profile, half-length PCIe - for that variant in form factor

With standard profile faceplate:

4.13” X 6.6” (104.9mm X 167.65mm)

With low profile faceplate:

2.53” X 6.6” (64.26mm X 167.65mm)

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Model Numbers

SE-02102-01 NTDS A/B/C/H, 64K FIFO, Standard, Low Power


TB-11280-00 † Cable Interface Module, 112 pin Berg to dual 80 pin ribbon, standard length
TB-11280-04 † Cable Interface Module, 112 pin Berg to dual 80 pin ribbon, mini length
AM-SW012-00 80 pin ribbon to M28840 (92 pin) recpt.
AM-SW018-00 80 pin ribbon to M81511 (85 pin) receptacles
AM-SW013-00 80 pin ribbon to D38999 (79 pin) receptacles
CA-28840-XX M28840 (92 pin) Cable Set**
CA-81511-XX M81511 (85 pin) Cable Set**
CA-38999-XX D38999 (79 pin) Cable Set**
CA-SW080-XX 80 pin Ribbon Cable Set**
TK-11278-00 Tap Cable Kit (connects to taps below)
AN-BT511-00 NTDS Parallel Isolation Tap, M81511
AN-BT840-00 NTDS Parallel Isolation Tap, M28840
AN-BT999-00 NTDS Parallel Isolation Tap, M38999
AN-PT000-00 Universal NTDS Parallel Breakout Box
TB-12080-10 Cable Interface Module, 120-Pin HD to 2×80-Pin
TB-120120-00 Cable Interface Module 120-PIN HD to 120-Pin Molex
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