In 2002, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) promulgated Seapower 21. Seapower 21 provides a framework to align, organize and integrate the U.S. Navy to meet the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead. The CNO called upon the entire Navy to find ways to become more efficient and effective. To meet Seapower 21 objectives and to increase efficiency, the NAVSEA Warfare Centers established the Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle, using a web-based, e-business procurement Portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time. In October 2004, the Virtual SYSCOM Commanders formalized an agreement to expand the ordering community of Seaport-e to include all Virtual SYSCOM activities and to leverage the success of SeaPort-e in achieving the aforementioned objectives across the Virtual SYSCOM. Additionally, other activities, including the Military Sealift Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps have chosen to use SeaPort Enhanced.

Contract Number: N00178-16-D-8874

 Scope of Contract:

The Contractor shall, in response to task orders issued under this contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps, provide services that potentially span the entire spectrum of mission areas supported by the activities and technical capabilities that comprise the various ordering offices, as well as provide professional support services to the overall Navy, and Marine Corps organizations. Services within the functional areas identified below, may be performed under this contract for new product areas, programs, or missions, which are assigned to these activities during the life of the contract. Additionally, activities may provide limited support under this contract to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or Joint agencies for work that is integrally related to product areas and mission.

Services to be provided under this contract are categorized into 22 functional services areas as follows:

  1. Research and Development Support
  2. Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
  3. Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
  4. Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
  5. System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
  6. Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
  7. Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
  8. Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support
  9. System Safety Engineering Support
  10. Configuration Management (CM) Support
  11. Quality Assurance (QA) Support
  12. Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
  13. Inactivation and Disposal Support
  14. Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support
  15. Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support
  16. Logistics Support
  17. Supply and Provisioning Support
  18. Training Support
  19. In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
  20. Program Support
  21. Functional and Administrative Support
  22. Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

 Team Members Expertise

Our team of engineers provides research and development of electronic hardware, software, testing of potential solutions, basic research, and development of mathematical models and innovative software operating code. As a key contractor to NAVSEA on the Aegis Weapons System, IXI Technology has provided  research, development, analysis and feedback for Data Translation Management, Data I/O Interfaces, Embedded Computing, NTDS Interfaces, Software Encryption, NTDS to Ethernet Converters, System Emulators, Storage Devices, Fiber Optic Converters, and Coarse and Dense Wavelength  Division Multiplexers.

Main points of contact:


Denes Molnar

[email protected]

Customer Service

Patty Day

[email protected]

Quality Assurance

IXI Technology has based its management approach on building a strong partnership with NAVSEA in several important ways. First, IXI Technology has a customer-focused communications approach designed to rapidly identify the technology issues facing NAVSEA and to provide the best solutions, products, and technologies, while reducing risk factors. Next, IXI Technology has a proven framework for ongoing process innovation, execution excellence and life cycle cost reduction. Finally, our partnering model is designed to promote collaborative development, reduction of the cycle times of everything we do and the sharing of new ideas.

The IXI Technology management approach uses industry best practices for performance based execution on contracts and task orders. Management and oversight practices are documented for contract review, review and approval authority, design criteria, design review requirements, cost accounting and reporting, program plans, schedules, budgeting, cost reductions, and cost control.

The Government points of contact for this contract are as follows

SeaPort Enhanced Contracting Officer:

SeaPort-e PCO

NSWC Dahlgren Division

17632 Dahlgren Road, Suite 157

Dahlgren, VA 22448-5110

(540) 653-7087

[email protected]