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Time Synchronization Card for PMC/XMC

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Time Synchronization Card for PMC/XMC

This feature-rich module reads IRIG-B and GPS time signals along with IEEE 1588 packets with remarkable precision. Based upon these timing inputs, the module can provide the time to the host computer and/or generate IRIG-B time signals and IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) based Ethernet packets to allow other external equipment to be synchronized. Its sophisticated crystal oscillator not only contributes to the device’s accuracy, but also can serve as a backup, providing time even when no time source is available. An optional Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) can be added that provides the ultimate in stability. IXI Technology’s highly-accurate card provides time down to 62.5ns resolution in UNIX format. Its time-sourced, disciplined, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) or optional CSAC not only allows it to provide sub-second resolution, but also to “flywheel” during the absence or loss of carrier. The module has a status LED that indicates when the internal time is synchronized with the input time code. The card provides a programmable offset on its internal time from the input time source. The generated IRIG-B or 1588 output can be configured to be synchronous to the chosen input time source or configured to use the best available time source. A 1PPS signal is also available for input/output as well as event signals that can be hooked up to external sources to provide timing of certain critical events. External sources can also be hooked up through TTL based signals that can be programmed to generate pulses at timed intervals. A Real Time Clock (RTC) backed up using either a super cap or battery keeps time while powered off for cases when the module is powered up and an external time source is not immediately available. Its powerful field-programmable and on-site test capabilities make the card ideal for high mobility applications. In addition, all of its features are designed into an industry-standard PMC/XMC card where either PMC or XMC bus connections can be used. This advanced module from IXI Technology offers remarkable reliability and flexibility in the field as well. Connecting the input and output channels enables it to perform “loop-back” tests. Also, an internal loop-back path makes it possible to test without disconnecting cables. Field upgrades are easy, too. By running utilities, the user can update the onboard Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) binary or firmware. The card includes a driver for any one of the supported operating systems, a loop-back cable for testing, an excellent documentation package and sample C language code that can be freely used in application software. For precision, reliability and flexibility, the Time Synchronization Card is unmatched.
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