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PMC Carrier for 6U Compact PCI

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Versatile dual PMC carrier for 6U cPCI slots

Use PMCs to build powerful, high density cPCI systems while conserving slot space

  • Dual PMC sites
  • Front or rear I/O connections
  • Hot swappable¬†
  • Optional onboard Ethernet ports
The 6U cPCI Carrier hosts two PMC cards and supports 32 or 64-bit operation at 33 or 66 MHz. The PMCs are connected to an onboard secondary PCI bus which is transparently bridged to the offboard primary bus making both PMCs visible to the cPCI system. VIO for the PMC sites can be set for 3.3 or 5.0 VDC signaling.

Rear I/O Capability (Optional)

In addition to normal front I/O, the 6U cPCI Carrier also features the ability to make rear I/O connections. User-defined I/O signals from each PMC site pass through the cPCI backplane on connectors J3 and J5, which mate with the optional Rear Transition Module (RTM). Signals are routed to two industry standard PMC I/O Module (PIM) sites on the RTM. PIMs provided by the PMC vendor are mounted on the RTM to provide the final connection point. Up to 64 bits of I/O are supported for each PMC.

Hot Swap Capability

Basic Hot Swap and Full Hot Swap are supported, enabling the orderly insertion or extraction of boards without adversely affecting a running system. When used with an operating system that supports hot swap, a blue Hot Swap LED illuminates when extraction is permitted and the card can be safely removed.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Optional)

The 6U cPCI Carrier can be configured with two optional Gigabit Ethernet Controllers, which provide two network interfaces for 10/100/1000 Mb/s full- and half-duplex operation. The two ports are accessible via rear I/O using the optional Rear Transition Module only.
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