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Parallel NTDS Isolation Tap Box

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Parallel NTDS Isolation Tap Box

IXI's NTDS Parallel Isolation Tap Box is the ideal solution for reliably tapping NTDS Parallel Type A, B, C, and H interfaces. It connects easily to existing cables forming a tee connection that can be used for data monitoring and acquisition over long distances without interference to your system.

Signal integrity is assured when using the Parallel Isolation Tap Box. The tap is a passive device that can be powered up or down with no impact to active NTDS communications. Cable shielding through the tap is unbroken and is completely isolated from chassis ground. Isolation of the tapped signals from the tee connection is achieved by transformer-coupling them to the input stage of separate tee circuits. The tee circuits produce regenerated NTDS parallel signals that allow the remote monitor to be located at distances up to the maximum cable length specified in MIL-STD-1397C for the NTDS type being tapped. The Parallel Isolation Tap Box has a negligible load factor, allowing multiple taps to be placed on the same cable with no signal degradation. It is also possible to tap the tee output of another tap, cascading taps as many times as needed to distribute the signal to multiple destinations. NTDS Type A, B, C or H selection is made by a single manual switch. The tap comes in several models, each configured with different styles of common NTDS circular military connectors and is available in flange-mountable or stand-alone models. D-Sub connectors are used for the tap's output making it easy to connect to IXI’s NTDS I/O Analyzer (NIA-II™) or other devices using commercial cabling. Control signals and the lower 16 data bits are accessible via the 50 pin D-Sub connectors. The upper 16 data bits are presented on the 37 pin D-Sub connectors. Get access to the NTDS data you need without interference to your system with IXI’s NTDS Parallel Isolation Tap Box.
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