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NTDS Universal Parallel Breakout Box

IXI’s Universal Tap Box is the effortless way to make connections to parallel NTDS interfaces. It is equipped with the most common military NTDS connectors as well as header connections for IXI NTDS products and commercially available logic analyzers. Military connectors on the tap box are keyed to accept one NTDS parallel input/output cable pair. Each cable has a separate 32-bit path through the box. NTDS signals entering the box from any connector set are available at all other connector sets, making it easy to transition from one connector type to another or to insert a breakout point for tapping the signals. It can be used in a powered or unpowered state. When powered, it provides the NTDS signals as differential outputs on the logical analyzer headers.

Analyzing Capabilities

The headers provide a convenient way to connect the following analyzers directly to the tap box without the need for multiple pods and probes:
  • IXI NTDS I/O Analyzer (NIA-II™)
  • NCI GoLogic™ Logic Analyzer
  • HP/Agilent Logic Analyzer models (most models) 1650, 1660, 1670, 1680, 1690 or equivalent
  • Tektronix TLA 7xx models or equivalent with (P6417/6418) probes

More than Just a Tap Box

Our Parallel Breakout Box can be used as a universal end-around adapter for cable testing. When connected at the distant end of a cable set with the input jumpered to the output, cables can be checked by simply performing end-around tests. The box can be used to temporarily adapt IXI VME and PCI NTDS boards to military connectors for system development as well. Additionally, it can be used to transition between different military connector types. IXI’s Parallel Breakout Box can be used in a powered or unpowered state and its keyed military connectors are made to accept one NTDS parallel input/output cable pair. It is the best product designed to make complicated NTDS connections simple: save time and trouble with IXI’s Parallel NTDS Universal Tap Box.
NTDS Universal Breakout Box Technical Specs
  • Temperature (Operating)
    0 to +55ºC
  • Humidity
    5% - 90% (non-condensing)
  • NTDS Connectors
  • Controls
    AC Power Switch
  • Weight
    25 lbs.
  • Universal Breakout Box, NTDS, Type A/B/C/H, M81511, M28840, D38999 connectors
  • Universal Breakout Box, NTDS, Type A/B/C/H, M81511, M28840, D38999 connectors, with Tektronix analyzer interface
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