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Proven high-performance serial NTDS for VMEbus computers

Versatile single board computer with serial NTDS I/O channel

The Serial NTDS connects VMEbus computers to military computers and peripherals with MIL-STD-1397C Type D (NTDS Serial) and E (Low Level Serial) interfaces. But it’s capabilities go far beyond those of a conventional I/O board. It’s architecture is unique in the industry because it combines the power and reliability of a 32-bit MC68020 processor and an industry standard VMEbus interface controller. With onboard memory, an onboard debugger, and the ability to run C or assembly language programs from RAM or EPROM, the Serial NTDS is a powerful and versatile single board computer with a full duplex NTDS I/O channel. The Serial NTDS supports distributed processing with the ability to run user applications onboard, which improves VMEbus bandwidth and offloads the host computer.
General Product Features
  • TYPES D and E
    • MIL-STD-1397C, Type D and E compliant
    • Full-duplex, 32-bit serial NTDS transfers at 10Mbits/sec.
    • User-programmable MC68020 CPU
    • Standard VMEbus Interface Controller (VIC) for 100% VMEbus compatibility
    • High-speed, 32-bit Block Mode VME transfer
    • 512KB RAM for NTDS I/O, CPU, and VMEbus access
    • Dynamically allocate RAM for NTDS I/O or onboard programs
    • User EPROM socket supports up to 1MB of user programs
    • Parallel access to NTDS data and status words
    • Independent word count registers and time-out counters for NTDS input and output
    • Independent transmit and receive transaction cancel
    • Maskable interrupts
    • Built-in Test (BIT) with internal loopback capability
    • Built-in, menu-driven System Monitor program links Serial Hawke to PC or terminal via RS-232C port
    • Built-in Assembler/Disassembler and Debugger
    • Perform loopback and basic NTDS operations from a menu-driven interface without software
    • Perform internal loopback without disconnecting cables
    • Front panel LEDs for Reset, Bus Error, User, Halt, Test and Watchdog timer
    • Up to 16 Serial Hawke boards may be used in a single VMEbus system
  • TYPE E
    • Single word or burst mode NTDS transfers
    • Fully configurable SIS/SOS control frames
    • Ability to disable SIS/SOS for testing
    • Programmable Sink and Source time-out counters
    • Supports all MIL-STD-1397C System Integrity Features
    • Parity error, framing error, illegal condition
    • SIS time-out (No SIS control frame or IF from source)
    • SOS or IF time-out (No SOS control frame response from Sink)
    • Sink NOT READY time-out (SIS NOT READY control frame response from Sink)
  • Software Drivers Available*
    • SNAPS
    • PowerIO
    • (Operating Systems supported by PowerIO™ drivers and includes: VxWorks®, Solaris™, Linux®, HP-UX)
    *Contact factory for new OS support
VME NTDS Serial D and E Technical Specs
  • NTDS interface
    MIL-STD-1397C, type D
    MIL-STD-1397C, type E
  • VMEbus interface
    VME revision C.1 (IEEE P1014)
  • Processor
    MC68020, 32 bit CPU
  • RAM
    512 KB
  • NTDS I/O connector
    D: 2 BNC isolated coaxial, (Amphenol P/N 31-10-75)
    E: 2 tri-axial –isolated, (Trompeter P/N BJ77TL)
  • RS-232C connector
    DB9 male
  • Form factor
    Single-wide 6U eurocard
  • Weight
    540 g (1 lb. 3 oz.)
  • Power consumption
    +5Vdc @ 2.6A
    -12Vdc @ 60mA
  • Relative humidity
    0% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • User EPROM
    8KB to 1MB supported
  • Operating temperature
    0°C to +55°C
  • CA-01001-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-7 to PL74-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-00119-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-7 to BJ89-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-00158-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-32 to PL155-32 Cable Set**
  • CA-EA04U-XX
    Type E Triax, PL80-7 to PL80-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-01058-XX
    Type D Coax, UPL20-2 to UPL20-2 Cable Set**
  • CA-EA03U-XX
    Type D Coax, UPL20 to UPL20 Cable Set**
  • AN-ST012-00
    NTDS Type E Serial Isolation Tap
  • AN-ST013-00
    NTDS Type D Serial Isolation Tap
  • **Contact factory for length
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