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Latest addition to the IXI family of PCI NTDS boards

Supports any NTDS protocal

The NTDS Serial Type D and E Dual-Input modules are the latest additions to the IXI family of PCI NTDS products from IXI. The Dual-input card provides two input channels (Sinks) for MIL-STD-1397C Type D or E. It is easy to program and offers a variety of modes to support any NTDS protocol. In addition to conventional input operations, the Dual-input has a builtin passive tap mode that provides interface monitoring and data capturing capability that is available on either input channel.
  • Product Overview
    • MIL-STD-1397C Type D or E compliant Two Input Channels (Sinks)
    • Software selectable Tap Mode on either channel with control frame capture capability
    • Interrupt, PIO, and DMA operation
    • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Technology
    • Separate word counters and time-outs for C/IW and Data words
    • PCI master and slave operation
    • Internal loopback test without disconnecting NTDS cables Software enabled SIF (for NTDS type E)
    • Software enabled time-stamp on input words with 125ns resolution
    • Timestamps can be synchronized across multiple interfaces
    • Supports receipt of multiple forced command words
    • Control frame programmability for MILSTD- 1397B compatibility
    • Separate or combined data and command word buffers
    • Input command words, stop on data word
    • Input data words, stop on command word
    • Single word or burst mode (NTDS type E)
    • Time-out values in 10μs or 1ms increments
    • Time-out between words and/or total transfer times
    • Start timeout at beginning of operation or upon transfer of first word
  • Software Drivers Available*
    • Choice of driver included with board purchase Windows® XP/Vista/7 and Linux
    *Contact factory for new OS support
  • Options and Accessories
    • Cable Assemblies
Swift PMC NTDS Dual Input Serial Technical Specifications
  • NTDS Interface
    MIL-STD-1397C Type D or E
  • PCI Bus Interface
    PCI 2.1 Compliant 32-Bit, 33MHz, Universal Card (3.3V or 5V I/O signaling)
  • Input Buffer
    64K x 32-bit FIFO (optional)
  • NTDS I/O Connector
    Type D: 2 coaxial connectors (Amphenol# 31-10-75)
    Type E: 2 tri-axial connectors (Trompeter# BJ157)
  • Form Factor
    IEEE 1386 Single Size CMC (149mm x 74mm)
  • Weight
  • Power Consumption
    Average +5V current draw: 0.64A
    Average -12V current draw: 5.0mA
    Average +VI/O current draw: 5mA
    Average Power Dissipated 3.29W
  • Relative Humidity
    0% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature
    0°C to +55°C
  • Model Numbers
  • SD-03102-00
    NTDS D
  • SD-04102-00
    NTDS E
  • CA-01001-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-7 to PL74-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-00119-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-7 to BJ89-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-00158-XX
    Type E Triax, PL74-32 to PL155-32 Cable Set**
  • CA-EA04U-XX
    Type E Triax, PL80-7 to PL80-7 Cable Set**
  • CA-01058-XX
    Type D Coax, UPL20-2 to UPL20-2 Cable Set**
  • CA-EA03U-XX
    Type D Coax, UPL20 to UPL20 Cable Set**
  • AN-ST012-00
    NTDS Type E Serial Isolation Tap
  • AN-ST013-00
    NTDS Type D Serial Isolation Tap
  • **Contact factory for length
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