NTDS Parallel Repeater

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The solution for operating a parallel NTDS channel beyond specified lengths

Receives and re-transmits up to 250 feet

The IXI Parallel NTDS Repeater is the solution for operating a parallel NTDS channel beyond the maximum length specified in MIL-STD-1397C. It installs inline on an active channel, providing the signal conditioning and amplification needed to receive and automatically re-transmit NTDS signals up to 250 feet. Repeater operation is performed at the electrical layer so it does not require programming or any knowledge of the interface protocol. The Repeater is switch selectable for NTDS Types A, B, C, or H and can be configured with a choice of commonly used NTDS military circular connectors.
Technical Specifications -Repeater
  • Temperature (Operating)
    0 to +55ºC
  • Humidity
    5% - 90% (non-condensing)
  • NTDS Input Impedance
    MIL-STD-1397C Compliant
  • Propagation Delay
    ~200 Nano-seconds
  • NTDS Connectors
    M81511/01EF01P1 AND P2
    M28840/12AG1P1 AND P2
    D38999/20WG35PN AND PA
  • Controls (if configured)
    Manual switch for selection of Parallel NTDS Type: A, B, C or H
  • Indicators
    Red LED Indicators for NTDS control signals-

    Input Channel: EIE, EIR, IDA and IDR

    Output Channel: EFA,EFR,ODA and ODR
  • Power Requirements
    120VAC (2A, MAX);
  • Weight
    12 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    4.8”H x 12”W x 9”D
  • Model Numbers
  • AN-RE511-00
    Repeater, NTDS Type A/B/C/H, M81511 Connectors (85 Pin)
  • AN-RE840-00
    Repeater, NTDS Type A/B/C/H, M28840 Connectors (92 Pin)
  • AN-RE999-00
    Repeater, NTDS Type A/B/C/H, D38999 Connectors (79 Pin)
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