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Cartridge Tape Replacement System (CTRS™)

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Cartridge Tape Replacement System (CTRS™)

Direct replacement for the USH-26 Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit (CMTU)

A reliable COTS upgrade for mission-critical systems

  • Eliminates unreliable tape cartridges
  • No changes to host system
  • Compatible with existing cables
  • Easy conversion
CTRS is a direct replacement for the USH-26 Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit (CMTU). The USH-26 is an aging but critical part of a number of shipboard and airborne systems, where it serves as the primary program load device and data recorder. As it ages and tape media becomes increasingly scarce and unreliable, the risk of system down time increases, degrading the ability of a system to perform its mission. CTRS offers a hardware and software-compatible solution to this problem. It combines the advantages of an off-the-shelf solution with a robust design that can withstand rigorous use. Using up-to-date technology and an intuitive graphical user interface, it is logically identical to the USH-26 so no program changes are required on the host computer. CTRS adds powerful capabilities not possible with the USH-26 such as networking, remote control, and greatly increased storage capacity. It is configured with a choice of NTDS parallel or serial interfaces and uses military connectors that mate with existing cables to further simplify the transition and save costs.

Virtual Tape Transports

CTRS replaces the four tape transports of the USH-26 by mapping them to folders on local or networked disk drives. In each folder, a tape image is represented by a group of files which are accessed in sequential order, simulating tape movement. Tape images are easily mounted by selecting from a pop-up list. The number of images that can be stored on CTRS is limited only by available disk space. The complete command set for the USH-26 is supported and it can be used to replace standard or serpentine tape transports. ctrs-screenshot1-reduced

Increase Reliability & Reduce Maintenance

The reliability of the USH-26 is an increasingly significant concern. Read/write errors are often encountered when moving tape cartridges between different transports due to differences in head alignment. Dwindling supplies of tape cartridges are less reliable as they wear under normal use or as they age on the shelf. CTRS completely eliminates these problems along with the risk of losing irreplaceable data. Requiring virtually no maintenance, CTRS provides the ease of use, performance, and reliability needed to support the fleet for years to come.

Mass Storage Capabilities

CTRS can be configured with up to 3 disk drives. Its versatile design accommodates 2.5", 3.5", or 5.25" drives behind the front access door. Front and rear panel USB ports allow for convenient connection of most types of USB devices.

Tape Media Conversion

Existing tape media is converted to CTRS using the included Sabtech tape conversion utility. With CTRS connected directly to an USH-26, the utility creates an exact image of the tape on the CTRS internal drive. Once converted, CTRS tape images can be moved and copied to virtually any storage media. ctrs-screenshot2-reduced

Additional CTRS Features

A gigabit Ethernet port allows CTRS to connect with network resources such as servers, other CTRS units, or Storage Area Networks (SANs). Tape images can be transferred over a network, enabling quick distribution of program updates or timely data analysis.

Remote Control

CTRS can be remotely controlled over a network allowing such things as remote operation, remote access to tape data, troubleshooting, or centralized control of multiple units.
CTRS Options and Accessories:
  • Mass Storage Options
    • Removable hard drives
    • Fixed (non-removable) hard drives
    • Solid state drives
    • CD/DVD-RW drive
  • Military Cable Assemblies
    • NTDS Parallel Type A/B/C/H M81511 (85-pin)
    • NTDS Serial Type E Shipboard Triaxial
  • Basic Configuration:
    12.1" color TFT flat panel display
    88-key keyboard and touchpad
    One (1) removable hard drive
    One (1) CD/DVD-RW drive
    Choice of any two (2) MIL-STD-1397C NTDS channels:
    - Parallel Type A/B/C/H with M81511 connectors
    - Serial Type D
    - Serial Type E with BJ-80 shipboard triaxial connectors
    Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    Front and rear panel USB ports
    19" rack-mount slides
Physical & Environmental Specifications:
  • Enclosure:
    Rugged 19" rack-mount enclosure; Single integrated unit with display and attached fold down keyboard
  • Operating Temperature:
    0° to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature:
    -23 to 70°C
  • Humidity:
    95%, non-condensing
  • Power:
    60 Hz, 115 VAC, 2A, Single Phase
  • Weight:
    Approx. 45 lbs. (depending on configuration)
  • Dimensions:
    12.25" H x 19" W x 21" D
  • Cooling:
    Air-cooled, front intake, rear exhaust
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