Advanced technology solutions for complex engineering problems.

NTDS to Ethernet Converter

Integrators, engineers and project managers working with the military are cognizant of the need to translate the wealth of tactical information acquired by aging technology into useful and timely data for today’s military operations.

Printer Interface Unit™ (PIU)

The IXI Technology Printer Interface Unit™ (PIU) allows any commercial off-the-shelf printer to be used in place of a militarized PT-540 (or compatible) printer.

NTDS/ATDS Converter

The Data I/O Converter links weapons, radar and other systems to Windows or UNIX/Linux based computers over Ethernet. It allows for the freedom and flexibility of transferring data to systems that are not directly connected to the military I/O channels.

NTDS to Ethernet Bridge System

The Bridge System connects legacy NTDS equipment via Ethernet. It minimizes the length of NTDS cable runs between computers, displays, mass storage devices, sensors or weapon systems while extending their communication range far beyond MIL-STD-1397C maximum distances.

NTDS Parallel Repeater

The IXI Parallel NTDS Repeater is the solution for operating a parallel NTDS channel beyond the maximum length specified in MIL-STD-1397C.

ATDS to Ethernet Bridge System

The ATDS Bridge System connects Airborne Tactical Data System (ATDS) equipment via Ethernet. ATDS is a serial communications link conforming to MIL-STD-188-203-1A (Appendix D2).

A Future of Innovation

IXI Technology provides solutions to unique data requirements through computers and communications.