IXI Technology’s Shipboard Peripheral Replacement System (SPRS™) Officially Receives Nomenclature from the U.S. Navy

Yorba Linda, CA, March 26, 2013… IXI Technology, an established leader in the design, manufacture and support of tactical data communications solutions for military and government agencies, today announced its Shipboard Peripheral Replacement System (SPRS) for the U.S. Navy has received its official nomenclature: OJ-839(V)/U. Giving SPRS an official nomenclature indicates that the system is unique from systems in the existing U.S. inventory.
As part of the Navy’s Aegis midlife extension program, the SPRS will replace existing legacy peripherals for the Shipboard Gridlock System (SGS), Gun Weapon System (GWS) and Vertical Launching System (VLS). IXI Technology’s SPRS will be installed on 22 Aegis destroyers by FY ’18.
SPRS replaces legacy navy peripheral (data storage) equipment that is difficult and expensive to maintain. It combines the advantages of modern off-the-shelf technology with a robust mechanical design that allows it to meet the environmental specifications required for naval shipboard applications.
“The awarding of the official nomenclature to our SPRS system for AEGIS destroyers is a significant milestone for IXI Technology,” said IXI Technology’s CEO, Michael Carter. “Our open-architecture-based SPRS provides 1,000 times more data capture capability than legacy systems using obsolete disks, tapes and displays. This will be a significant upgrade to the fleet’s peripheral equipment bringing faster and more reliable capabilities. SPRS is just one example of how we’re enabling smooth migration of legacy combat systems to network-centric open architecture solutions.”
The SPRS is configured to achieve the right balance of cost and ruggedization. With an intuitive graphical user interface, SPRS operates exactly like the peripheral device being replaced so no program changes are required on the host computer. SPRS adds powerful capabilities not possible with the original equipment such as networking, remote control, and greatly increased storage capacity. It is configured with military connectors that mate with existing cables to further simplify the transition and save costs. Conversion of existing media to SPRS is done using either standard Navy utility programs or with IXI Technology’s tape conversion utility (included). Once converted, SPRS completely eliminates dependence on unsupportable hardware and obsolescent tape and disk media.

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